Framingham, Massachusetts Compounding Pharmacy Linked to Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Had Settled Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Similar Allegations in 2007

According to the Associated Press, the New England Compounding Center had already settled a wrongful death lawsuit over similar allegations in 2007. The Framingham, Massachusetts compounding pharmaceutical company is considered the source of the tainted steroid shots that are believed to be the cause of this current fungal meningitis outbreak. Already, reports the CDC, over 185 people in 10 states have fallen ill and at least 14 people have died in this latest contamination.

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In the earlier case, the victim, 83, died about 18 months after getting a shot that New England Compounding Center had produced. His loved ones contended that the shot was contaminated and caused him to develop the bacterial meningitis, which led to his death in 2004. A settlement was reached with his widow.

Now, the Framingham pharmaceutical company is once again at the center of negligence allegations, this one involving the national outbreak. The steroid in question, methylprednisolone acetate, is usually injected into the body to relieve back pain. The contaminated batches were made between May and September of this year and sent to at least 75 medical facilities. The steroid may have been used by about 13,000 people.

This week, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said that the pharmaceutical company engaged in work outside of what it is licensed to do, which is to fill specified prescriptions for specific patients. He said that the New England Compounding Center was making huge batches and selling them out of state. All steroids contaminated by the fungus have since been recalled and the company has closed its operations.

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More people sickened from tainted steroid made by Massachusetts pharmacy
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