Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Update: Framingham, Massachusetts-Based Compound Pharmaceutical Company Now a Defendant in Dozens of Federal Drug Injury Lawsuits

At least 50 federal lawsuits have been filed in nine states seeking products liability compensation from the New England Compounding Center, the Framingham, Massachusetts pharmaceutical company that is the identified source of a tainted steroid injection that has made nearly 600 people ill with fungal meningitis, spinal infections, and/or other complications, including joint infections and stroke. At least 37 people have died. More drug injury cases against NECC are also being submitted in state court.

According to the drug defect lawsuits, the compound pharmacy made a dangerous and flawed product. Millions of dollars are being sought by the plaintiffs for their personal injuries, mental anguish, emotional trauma, lost wages, costly medical bills, and other related damages, as well as the wrongful deaths of loved ones. In Massachusetts, please contact our Boston fungal meningitis law firm to request your free case evaluation.

Because so many dangerous drug cases are in progress, attorneys are seeking to have one judge hear the pretrial and discovery portions of all the federal lawsuits via multidistrict litigation. The complaints would then go to a judge in the original district for trial.

Many of the plaintiffs’ attorneys are also seeking fungal meningitis compensation from other defendants, including Barry Cadden, who is the co-founder of NECC, Greg Conigliaro, also a co-founder, Ameridose, a NECC sister company, and Medical Sales Management, which is a support arm. Following the outbreak, NECC gave up its pharmacy licenses, laid off its employees, and recalled all products.

Other possible defendants might also include any person or party that was involved in administering or prescribing the medical procedure, such as hospitals, doctors, or technicians that administered the steroid shot, the parties that purchased the drug from NECC, or a pharmaceutical distributor.

According to ABC News, even though the 42-day risk period for developing fungal meningitis from the contaminated steroids ended on November 7, new meningitis cases, and also spinal infections, joint complications and other afflictions are still occurring, sometimes even in those that already were treated for the outbreak.

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