Gas Explosion in Braintree Home Injures One – Investigators Looking For Answers

A gas explosion inside of a New Braintree home has left one man seriously injured and investigators looking for more answers. At approximately 1:10 PM Wednesday afternoon, a fire occurred when a contractor was installing a propane-fueled furnace at a New Braintree residence, according to reports provided by a spokeswoman for the state fire marshal by the name of Jennifer Mieth.

Law enforcement officials responding to the scene have stated the preliminary investigation into the matter has provided them with a probable cause for the explosion. Based on the initial findings, investigators believe the fire was started when leaking propane became ignited by the hot water heater pilot. It was at this time that the explosion occurred, seriously injuring the contractor who had been tending to the furnace at the time. The man, who has yet to be identified by police officials, was airlifted by a medical hospital to a Boston-area hospital to receive treatment for his wounds. The nature and severity of his injuries was not made immediately available. Fire marshal spokeswoman Jennifer Mieth also stated that there was no one else inside the home located on 791 Wine Road in New Braintree at the time of the explosion and that with the unfortunate exception of the contractor, no one else had been injured at the time of the accident.

Police officers responding to the scene have indicated that the blast from the furnace explosion was so intense that it appears to have lifted the house 6 inches off of its foundation. The house also sustained an array of damages including blown out windows, siding being torn off, and the roof also separated from the home following the explosion. Officers have indicated that due to the extensive nature of the damages sustained, the home may be a total loss. The owners of the home are currently focusing on the well-being of the contractor as opposed to the impending issues their home now faces. According to reports, the contractor working on the home in New Braintree was a close friend of the family who resides there. The family declined the offer of being interviewed on camera and simply stated to reporters that the contractor was fighting for his life at the hospital and that he was their primary concern at this time. Police officers responding to the scene have stated that they believe it’s a miracle that the man was able to escape from the home alive.

The initial fire and subsequent explosion are being investigated by the New Braintree Fire Department as well as the New Braintree Police Department. State police have also been assigned to the case as per request of the fire marshal’s department as well as the Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr.’s office. Additional assistance in the matter was provided by fire services in the surrounding area with the Department of Fire Services’ Code Compliance Unit from North Brookfield and Rutland fire department providing additional relief at the scene of the explosion.

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