Investigators Wonder Whether Height of Trees Caused Massachusetts Airplane Accident On New Year’s Day

Investigators are trying to determine whether the height of the treetops close to the Orange Municipal Airport played a factor in the Massachusetts plane crash that claimed the life of one woman on New Year’s Day. The victim, Jessica L. Fay, was the daughter of Steven T. Fay, who was piloting the twin engine Cessna 310. Steven survived the crash with injuries.

The private plane crashed into a swamp as it approached the airport. The Federal Aviation Authority, which is investigation the Massachusetts aviation accident, says that the plane’s wings had separated from the fuselage right before impact. Investigators are looking into whether the landing gear hitting the trees may have caused Fay to lose control of the aircraft.

Witnesses found Jessica unconscious in the swamp. CPR was performed to try and revive her. Unfortunately, she died at the Orange, Massachusetts plane accident site.

If the tree tops had been penetrating the airspace, could the owner of the premise where the trees are located be held liable for Jessica’s Massachusetts wrongful death? Any hazard on a property that causes injury can be grounds for a Massachusetts premises liability case.

Massachusetts Airplane Accidents
Injuries from any type of aviation accident are usually catastrophic, and fatalities are common. It is important that you work with a Boston personal injury law firm that knows how to determine who or what caused your plane crash. Common causes of aviation accidents have included:

• Pilot error • Faulty plane parts • Poor maintenance
• FAA regulation violations • Problems with the plane design or structure • Air traffic controller mistakes
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