Massachusetts Student’s Family to File $120M Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Fatal Police Shooting

Three months after police shot and killed 20-year-old Massachusetts local DJ Henry in his car outside a bar, his family has filed notice of claim seeking $120 million in wrongful death damages against the New York town of Mount Pleasant and the village of Pleasantville. Henry died last October.

According to police, on October 17, 2010, Henry, who is a student and football player at Pace University, allegedly struck two officers with his vehicle. Some witnesses, however, dispute this claim and contend that the 20-year-old was actually attempting to move his car at a cop’s request.

Henry’s parents, Angella and Danroy Sr., are calling his death a murder. They are claiming that not only were the police officers negligent in their use of excessive force, but also that they were inadequately trained.

They contend that their son had no time to stop his auto because one of the police officers had jumped in front of his Henry’s vehicle with his weapon already drawn. Pleasantville Officer Aaron Hess then allegedly got on the hood of the car and fatally shot him. Henry’s parents also believe that the police officers’ decision to handcuff and delay getting him medical care also contributed to his death.

Meantime, Hess is claiming that the impact of getting hit by Henry’s car is what caused him to end up on the hood of the vehicle. He contends that the only choice available to him was to shoot Henry.

Excessive Use of Force
Police are at no time supposed to use excessive or unjustified force when doing their job. Many people are not aware that Massachusetts police brutality violates their civil rights. It can also cause serious injuries and deaths that would otherwise preventable were it not for police negligence, carelessness, or recklessness.

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