MA Family Struck by Elderly Driver in Concord, Injuring Child

According to media reports, an elderly woman struck a Concord family on Commonwealth Avenue in Concord around 9 a.m. on Saturday, sending the family to the hospital and causing serious injuries to the 20-month-old child who was being pushed in a stroller at the time. The mother, 39-year-old Laura Labriola, and her 5-year-old son were released from Emerson Hospital that evening, but the 20-month-old child and the elderly woman-who had been on her way to dialysis at the time of the accident-continued to be hospitalized due to more serious injuries. After the woman hit the family, she plowed into a garage. The accident occurred at the intersection near the Route 2 rotary and the MCI-Concord prison.

Investigation into the accident is ongoing. However, investigators believe the accident may have occurred because the driver hit the gas instead of the break.

Concerns about elderly drivers and whether they should be subject to tighter restrictions and regulations are continually debated in Massachusetts. According to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Medical Affairs Branch of the RMV “sets its driver license policies without regard to age and therefore has no policies based on age alone.”

Although many drivers tend to self-regulate by being aware of their driving abilities, restricting one’s driving-or stopping driving altogether-can be incredibly painful because it means an incredible loss of independence. If you are concerned about the driving ability of an elderly person, the state offers frequent free “elder driver workshops.”

Pedestrians and drivers injured in car, truck, and bus accidents should seek immediate medical attention and contact a skilled personal injury lawyer to determine their best avenue of recovery.

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