Man Dies in Massachusetts Falling Tree Accident

A man was killed in Holbrook, MA yesterday while trying to help friends cut down a tree. Daniel Irwin’s friends had been hired to do the job at a local address.

According to police, when Irwin arrived at the scene he appeared intoxicated and his friends tried to get him to leave but he refused. One witness said that Irwin was fatally injured when he walked into a path of the tree as it was falling. He was later pronounced dead.

Massachusetts Premises Liability

Falling tree/tree branch injury cases can be brought in certain instances involving injury or death. For example, if the accident took place on someone else’s property and/or there was a person or entity responsible for properly maintaining the tree, depending on exactly what happened there might be reason for a civil case.

It is the responsibility of property owners to make sure their premise is reasonably safe for people who are legally on the grounds. If the Massachusetts tree injury accident occurred on public property, there may be reason to pursue a case against a local entity or the government.

The best way to know if you have grounds for a Boston tree injury lawsuit is to speak with a Massachusetts premises liability law firm.

The modified comparative negligence rule applies to Massachusetts personal injury cases. This means that plaintiffs and their families can only recover if their portion of the blame is less than 51%–barring a few exceptions. This is just one more reason why you want to have a Boston injury lawyer on your side.

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