Man Struck and Killed by MBTA Train – Accident Under Investigation

A man was struck and killed by a train Monday afternoon according to reports provided by The Boston Fire Department. Law enforcement officials received a call at approximately 2:30 PM stating that man had become pinned underneath a Red Line train at the JFK/U Mass MBTA station. Though responding officers worked to release the man from beneath the train, the victim was later pronounced dead on scene following the retrieval efforts.

The name of the victim has yet to be released by authorities are stating that the unidentified man is between the ages of 50-60 years old. The exact events surrounding the accident are currently under active investigation but police have stated that they do not suspect foul play in the matter. According to an MBTA police officer, the man allegedly stumbled onto the tracks in the Dorchester neighborhood that houses the JFK/U Mass MBTA station. It is not clear at this time if the man accidently stumbled onto the tracks or if he does so purposefully. He was subsequently struck by a Red Line train destined for the Braintree station shortly after falling onto the tracks.

Transit police detectives for the MBTA are currently investigating the incident with help from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office in an effort to determine what lead to the fatal accident.

After the man had been struck by the Red Line train, he became pinned beneath the locomotive. Law enforcement officials responding on scene immediately began a recovery operation in an effort to save the man’s life and extricate him from underneath the Red Line train. Their efforts were in vain however, as the man was pronounced dead on scene in Dorchester. Initial reports have indicated that the man was pinned underneath the train for over an hour as recovery efforts took place. The extent and severity of his injuries was not made immediately available following the incident.

Regular Red Line service was disrupted Monday afternoon as emergency response officials worked to free the man from underneath the train. The MBTA offered busses to passengers to replace the Red Line trains that were not running during that period of time. MBTA officials have stated that following the retrieval of the man that services were expected to resume as they previously had during the day prior to the accident.

More information is expected to be provided in the days to follow. The tragic loss of life is still fresh in the minds of MBTA officials as they return to work on Tuesday morning. Another victim lost his life just a few short weeks ago after he was also struck and killed by a train after falling onto the tracks. It is not immediately known why the victim of Monday’s accident was on the tracks at the time of the incident but initial reports have indicated that the man stumbled in front of the train. Whether or not it was an accidental encounter remains to be seen.


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