Man Involved In Quincy, Massachusetts Construction Accident Suffers Electrical Burns

A man who sustained electrical shock injuries in a Quincy construction accident was rushed to the hospital. A Boston Medical Center spokesperson said that Antonio Deponte sustained electrical burns on his forearms after making contact with a power line.

The intensity of the shock reportedly caused DePonte to fall a floor. He also suffered a head injury. The Massachusetts electrical burn accident occurred at the new Central Middle school.

Electrical Injuries and Massachusetts Construction accidents

While many electrical burns may not show themselves on the skin, their damage can be deep, causing severe injury to the tissue. Depending on the strength of the electrical current that was involved, heart rhythm disturbance, cardiac arrest, organ damage, serious entry and exit wounds, and even death occur.

Unfortunately, electrical injuries, including electrocution and electrical shock, are a serious risk for many construction workers every day. Many workers have to work around and with electricity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that electrical accidents is one of the leading causes of construction accident fatalities, with hundreds of fatalities and thousands of worker injuries caused by electrical burns and shocks. Other common causes of Boston construction accidents involving electrical sources include high-voltage power lines, extension and power cords that are faulty or short circuited, defective or poorly maintained power tools, lighting, inadequate ground-fault protection, and negligent use of equipment.

As an injured construction worker, you may not be able to file a Boston electrical injury lawsuit against your employer, but you are likely entitled to Massachusetts workers’ compensation. There also may be other parties associated with the construction job, such as the owner of the project, another contractor, and others that you may be able to pursue legal damages from, in addition to other third parties involved in the accident.

Man injured in accident at Quincy school construction site,, June 11, 2013′

Bureau of Labor Statistics

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