Massachusetts Construction Worker Suffers Serious Head Injuries from Fall Accident in Salem

A construction worker sustained serious head injuries on August 13 after falling 20 feet from the roof of a construction site onto the cement floor of a building under construction. He was “unconscious and unresponsive” after the work accident and was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital.

The worker, 26-year-old Gardner resident Justin Cormier, may have been installing a flashing panel for an air conditioner on the roof when he fell through the air-conditioning cutout. Gormier was working for subcontractor Multi-State Roofing. The general contractor for the job was Salem-based Groom Construction. The construction fall accident occurred on Highland Avenue at the corner of Marlborough Road.

Fall accidents at construction sites are a main cause of injury for workers. They can lead to broken bones, serious head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and death. Such injuries could prevent a worker from ever being able to return to work, which can affect not only his or her career, but also the livelihood of the worker’s family.

Common causes of fall accidents:

• Unmarked holes on the floors at the site • Falls from ladders • Scaffolding falls • Defective body harness
• Falls in gaps where there should have been guardrails
It is the responsibility of those in charge of a construction job to ensure that all the proper safety equipment and measures are in place to minimize the chances of a worker getting hurt. While an injured construction worker cannot sue his or her employer for personal injury, the employee is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. There also may be third parties that can be held liable for the accident.

Man who fell from roof ‘critical’, The Salem News, August 14, 2008

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