Massachusetts Man Dies in Skydiving Accident in Florida

A Massachusetts native died at about 6:30pm Friday in a skydiving accident in Florida. According to news reports, Jason Eisenzopf was a 30-year-old native of Fitchburg, Massachusetts. He worked in Maine as a skydiving instructor at Skydive New England in England, but had been in Florida for his second winter at Skydive Sebastian. He had apparently made over 1,000 jumps in his lifetime. His death remains under investigation, but police reports suggest he came in too quickly for a landing and suffered head trauma. The equipment Eisenzopf was using during the dive is going to be investigated.

According to skydiving information site that maintains “an unofficial record of fatal skydiving accidents since 2004”-there were 25 reported fatalities in skydiving accidents in North America in 2011. Listed causes include:
• hard landing while making a low turn • low cutaway tandem • freefall collision
• separated from harness
• collision with tree
News reports on Eisenzopf’s death indicate problems during the final turn of the landing.

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Massachusetts native dies in Florida skydiving accident,, April 2, 2012.

Jason Eisenzopf, skydiving instructor dies after hard parachute landing Friday evening in Sebastian,, April 2, 2012.

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