Massachusetts Man Files $9.9 Million Personal Injury Lawsuit Against the Middlesex Sheriff and the State Prison System From Behind Bars

In Massachusetts, Steven J. Huard, a prisoner at the Middleton jail in has filed a $9.9 million personal injury lawsuit in federal court against the Massachusetts State Prison System, the Middlesex sheriff, other Massachusetts officials, and several doctors.

Steven J. Huard says that jail officials have denied him the proper medical care ever since he began serving his 5-6 year prison sentence. Huard began serving time in prison after he was convicted of assault and battery and resisting arrest charges in 2005.

Huard says he has had chronic health problems since 1989, when he was diagnosed with liver disease. He also sustained a spinal cord injury and bulging discs in 2002. In 2004, he sustained more injuries in a car crash. He also fractured his right hip and ribs when he fell from the roof of a two-story building in 2005. He underwent hip surgery and was told by the surgeon to use a cane, as well as undergo physical and rehabilitation therapies.

Huard was arrested two months after the surgery and convicted. Huard says that more health issues arose surrounding his hip, his back, and his neck in December 2005, and he needs more therapy. The doctor, however, was only authorized to examine his hip.

Huard also claims that after he was admitted to the Middleton jail, doctors cleared him to enter into the general population without a cane. He says that the Middlesex Sheriff Department won’t bring him to the necessary doctors.

If you have been seriously injured, it is important that you receive the proper medical care. Failure to obtain this care because of the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of another party can be grounds for a Massachusetts personal injury claim or lawsuit against the responsible party.

Huard is seeking monetary damages. He also wants the jail’s procedures and policies to be revised so that he can get the medical care that he needs.

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Huard v. Essex County Correctional Center, et al,
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