MBTA Two-Train Crash Kills Train Operator and Seriously Injures Several Passengers

In Newton, Massachusetts, eleven National Transportation Safety Board investigators are examining the Green Line Trolley that rear-ended another train yesterday. The deadly Massachusetts train accident left an MBTA operator dead, seriously injured seven passengers, and had emergency medics treating five other people at the crash scene for cuts and bruises. Some other passengers that had left the accident scene on their own checked themselves into hospitals later.

The train operator, 24-year-old Boston resident Teresa Edmonds, died at the accident scene. Rescue workers finally managed to remove her body from the train wreck about 7 hours after the crash.

The Massachusetts train collision occurred around 6pm during rush hour on Wednesday when a two-car outbound Green Line train ran into another two-car train that was stopped at a red light signal. Both trains were leaving Boston.

About 200 people were on both trains at the time of the collision. A number of passengers were thrown from their seats.

The federal investigators are here to analyze the condition of the signals and the track, the performance of dispatchers and trolley operators, and the emergency response.

The Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Safety Analysis says 951 people died and over 11,000 others got hurt in the 14,355 train accidents that occurred in 2002.

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