Massachusetts Nursing Homes Get “B” Rating from Advocacy Group

Families for Better Care has issued the first state-by-state nursing home report card of its kind. The non-profit resident advocacy group graded and ranked states according to several federal quality measures. Massachusetts received a “B” rating and was ranked 19 among the states.

Massachusetts related-findings by the group:
• Close to 25% Massachusetts nursing home were determined to be deficient free following inspections.
• However, even after ranking above average in health inspections and superior in terms of percentage of facilities that had deficiencies, 1 out of 4 Massachusetts nursing homes received citations for severe deficiencies.
• The state’s nursing home care was ranked number five out of the seven states in the Northeastern area.
• The group determined that Massachusetts had one of the worst ombudsman records.

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Following its examination, the advocacy group found that there is a need for more professional nursing staff so that residents can get more personal attention. Families for Better Care also found examples of widespread neglect and abuse in one out of five nursing homes in nearly half the states.

Signs of Possible Boston Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect:
• Unexplained bruises, abrasions, or burns • Bedsores or open wounds • Sudden weight loss or gain • Poor hygiene • Unsanitary conditions • Sudden depression or listlessness or unresponsiveness • Fear of certain staffers • Changes to the patient’s finances • A staff member refuses to let you see the patient alone
Physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect can all be forms of Boston nursing home abuse. Nursing home negligence also can be cited in incidents involving abuse perpetrated by another resident or a visitor to the facility.

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