Massachusetts Pedestrian is Struck by MBTA Bus in Quincy

A 62-year-old female pedestrian sustained serious leg injuries today after being struck by a MBTA Bus while at the Quincy Center MBTA station in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The bus accident took place at around 6am at the bus pick-up area. According to the bus driver, he was just leaving the bus way, after dropping off passengers, and turning left when the accident happened.

Police are investigating the accident.

Buses are “common carriers.” This means that the bus driver and bus company owes the public the “utmost duty of care” in ensuring that they do not injure pedestrians, bus passengers, or other motor vehicle riders when on the road. Bus drivers and carriers are therefore held to a higher standard of negligence than regular motor vehicle drivers. This is why, if you are injured in a bus accident in Massachusetts, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney that knows how to deal with bus crash cases.

Injuries that can be sustained in a bus accident include:

• Broken bones • Traumatic brain injuries • Internal injuries • Neck injuries • Burn Injuries
Common causes of bus accidents:

• Driver negligence • Inattention • Improper maintenance • Bad weather • Text messaging and cell phone use while driving • Defective products
Public buses are usually owned by a local, regional, or state transportation department. Filing for compensation from a government body, a government employee, or its insurance company can be a lot harder to do than filing a claim against the insurance company of a car driver or motorcyclist.

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An experienced Massachusetts bus accident lawyer can evaluate your case for you and determine whether you have grounds to file a personal injury claim against the bus driver or bus company or any other negligent parties.

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