Massachusetts Pedestrian Named Lord Jesus Christ Injured in Northampton Car Accident

A 50-year-old Belchertown man named Lord Jesus Christ was injured in a Northampton pedestrian accident on May 4. Christ was treated at a local hospital for his injuries, which included a bruised hip, soreness, facial swelling, and broken teeth, before being released.

The driver of the vehicle that struck Christ, 20-year-old Pittsfield resident Brittany E. Cantarella, received a citation for a crosswalk violation. She was making a left turn when her car hit Christ.

Christ’s Massachusetts pedestrian accident made international headlines because of his name, which he legally changed to Lord Jesus Christ. While many people have gotten a kick out of Christ’s name, getting hit in a Boston pedestrian accident is no laughing matter.

Depending on the type of injury and its severity, an injured pedestrian may experience severe pain, disfigurement, and immobility. He or she may also be forced to take time off work to undergo costly surgery, other medical procedures, and rehabilitation.

Some Common Driver Errors that Can Cause Massachusetts Pedestrian Accidents:
• Texting or talking on a cell phone • Failing to stop at a stop sign or stop light • Failing to allow a pedestrian in a crosswalk to finish crossing the street • Drunk driving • Ignoring the red, flashing light of a school bus that is warning that kids may be getting off and walking around a bus and into the road • Speeding
Unlike motor vehicle occupants, pedestrians have no protection whatsoever from the impact of getting hit by a car, motorcycle, bus, or semi-truck.

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