Massachusetts Products Liability?: Sushi Outbreak in 21 States Causes Salmonella Poisoning

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 200 people in 21 states fell ill after developing salmonella from eating sushi. 12 of those who have been afflicted required hospital care. At least eight were Massachusetts food poisoning incidents.

The cause of the outbreak is yellowfin tuna. Moon Marine USA Corporation is recalling close to 59,000 pounds of “Nakaochi Scrape AA or AAA,” which is a frozen yellowfin tuna product consisting of “backmeat” from the fish’s bones that has been scraped to appear like its been ground up. The food item is sold to grocery store chains and restaurants for sushi, ceviche, sashimi, and other items that use raw fish.

The outbreak has been going on for a couple of months. Many of the salmonella victims said they got sick after consuming spicy tuna sushi.

Last week, two women filed a salmonella sushi lawsuit after they got very sick from eating tuna sushi rolls at a restaurant. They both received hospital care. One woman blames Nakaochi Scrape for her ulcerated colon.

One possible cause of the salmonella outbreak is distributors who took the packaging off the tuna before selling them to restaurants. This step may have contaminated the fish.

Our Boston products liability lawyers represent clients who have gotten seriously ill from eating contaminated or spoiled food items. The food product may have been bought at a store or wholesaler or distributed at a restaurant or some other eating place. Depending on what caused the contamination, the victim may be able to pursue a case against the manufacturer, retailer, distributor, or the middlemen.

A few of the other reasons people might choose to sue for food products liability:
• A foreign object left in in the food item caused injury • A hot liquid that is too hot, or not packaged/served in a container that can contain the heat properly, and causes serious burn injuries • Food allergy death
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