Massachusetts Products Liability: CPSC Recalls More Pourable Gel Fuels Following Burn Injuries and Two Deaths

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and nine companies are recalling another 2 million units of pourable fuel gel. This latest recall comes after numerous reports of burn injuries and two deaths related to the use of these products. If you or someone you love has sustained Massachusetts burn injuries from a pourable fuel gel or because of any other product, you may have reason for filing a Boston products liability lawsuit.

The fuel gel can burst into flames if poured into a still burning fire pot. The CPSC says some 65 incidents have been reported, including 34 victims that sustained third and second degree burns to the hands, face, arms, chest, and legs. Some have compared the fuel gel to napalm that would explode into flames and refuse to stop burning even after the victim was covered in a blanket or rolled on the ground. Manufacturers and distributors involved in this latest recall are Bond Manufacturing, Fuel Barons Inc., Luminosities Inc., Real Flame, Bird Brain Inc., Sunjel Company, Lamplight Farms Inc., Pacific Décor Ltd., and Smart Solar Inc.

It was just in June that the CPS and Napa Home & Garden recalled about 460,000 pourable fuel gel bottles-many of the injuries and the two deaths involved this brand. Not long after, Napa Home & Garden filed for bankruptcy.

Among those recently injured by pourable fuel gel:
• A 14-year-old boy whose injuries were so severe that he went into a coma.
• A 24-year-old man who is facing even more medical procedures, after already undergoing half a dozen surgeries, for burns he sustained when the fuel gel exploded on him. One of his friends was also hurt during the burn accident.

The families of two victims, and 8-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girls, have filed their respective products liability lawsuits against one of the manufacturers. Other victims have also failed their personal injury complaints.

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