Massachusetts Roofs Collapse in Wake of Ice, Snow, Storms

With inches of snow and rain falling onto areas of Massachusetts, ice and snow may be accumulating on roofs, adding unnecessary weight that these structures may not be able to handle. Already, some eight feet of snow has started stacking up on roofs since last month.

According to The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, there have already been reports of more than 106 roof collapses, partial collapses, and other big structural problems-not to mention there have likely been incidents that were not reported.

With repeat snowstorms, snow on rooftops can turn into ice, adding eight times more weight. Roof collapses seem to be impacting flat-roofed buildings the most. Already, commercial buildings, schools, homes, and garages have sustained damage. reports that on Wednesday in Tewksbury, an awning fell on a building in which a childcare center was located. Some 40 children were there at the time. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

In a Newburyport, MA partial roof collapse, a condo had to be evacuated on Sunday during a winter storm. A crack could be seen along the roof . Crew workers then removed snow from other building roofs in the condo complex.

One way to prevent injury from a roof collapse caused by snow and ice is proper maintenance. Show and ice should be removed from roof structures right away.

If you or someone you love was injured in a Massachusetts roof collapse involving ice and snow that should have been cleared away but wasn’t, you may have reason to pursue a premises liability case against the property owner. Snow that turns into ice may cause serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury and punctures from sharp icicles.

Snow and ice that accumulate on the ground may also cause Massachusetts slip and fall accidents, which can lead to broken hips, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and even deaths.

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