Massachusetts Woman Sues City of Taunton and Police Officer for Personal Injury and Police Brutality

In Massachusetts, a Taunton woman is suing the city of Taunton and police officer Robert Kramer for personal injuries she sustained from an alleged police brutality incident. In her federal lawsuit, Celine Kaye is seeking unspecified damages for broken ribs, facial fractures, and emotional trauma. She claims Officer Kramer violated her civil rights when he engaged in police brutality, and she is accusing the city of Taunton of neglecting to properly supervise him.

Kaye contends that on August 2007, while watching police officers arrest her daughter’s boyfriend, Kramer beat and kicked her after telling her to go back into her home. The attorney for the city of Taunton disputes Kaye’s claims, maintaining that Kramer is one of the city’s best police officers and that he did not use excessive force on the plaintiff.

Police Beatings
Police officers are never supposed to use excessive force when apprehending or detaining or interacting with anyone. This type of behavior is a violation of one’s civil rights and can be grounds for a personal injury claim or a civil rights violation lawsuit.

Unfortunately, police brutality continues to be a problem in the United States, with way too many suspects and innocent bystanders accusing police of excessive use of force. According to a December 2007 article, the number of incidents involving police violence reportedly grew following September 11, 2007. Prior to the World Trade Center attacks, police agencies began dropping standards to fill vacancies, and cost-cutting measures have also resulted in less training.

Unfortunately, police brutality cases can be extremely difficult to criminally prosecute. Juries tend to believe police officers and the credibility of many victims can be easily challenged. It is important however, to note that there are civil remedies available to you to allow you to obtain compensation from a negligent police officer or a Massachusetts city for the violation of your civil rights.

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