Medication Overdose: Boston Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Claims Massachusetts General Hospital Gave 76-Year-Old Woman the Wrong Blood Thinner

The family of Geraldine Oswald believes that she died because of a medical mistake. The 76-year-old Revere woman died last year after she was given too much blood thinner while in the care of Massachusetts General Hospital. Now, they are suing for Boston wrongful death and medical malpractice. Defendants include the hospital, two nurses, and five doctors.

According to Oswald’s daughter Donna Beatrice, her mother fell and broke her shoulder last year. After she developed a minor urinary tract infection, a nurse at the hospital gave her “thirty times more” Lepirudin than the dose that she should have received. Oswald ended up bleeding internally for 12 hours before she died. Beatrice’s Boston medical malpractice lawsuit claims that at the end, the elderly patient started bleeding through her body’s orifices and became unresponsive. The family contends that doctors didn’t realize how serious her condition was until it was too late.

Hospital officials have admitted to the Massachusetts medication mistake. They say that it could have been prevented. Per a report that it gave to the family, the hospital admits that the day nurse knew what dose to give Oswald but made a mistake when putting the dose into the IV pump.

Since Oswald’s death, the hospital says it has put into place new guidelines for giving patients Lepirudin. The state’s Board of Nursing is looking into the part nursing played in Oswald’s death.

Medication Mix-Ups
According to a 2006 report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, medication mistakes are all too common. Those that occur in hospitals alone-approximately 400,000 a year-cost an additional $3.5 billion to treat. The Institute of Medicine says that about 7,000 fatalities caused by preventable medical mistakes at hospitals happen every year.

Common causes of medication mix-ups:
• Illegibly written prescriptions • Dosage errors • Confusing drug labeling • Unknown patient allergies • Distracted/tired hospital workers
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