Missing Toddler’s Mom Intends To Sue the State

As our Boston injury lawyers have mentioned before, sometimes we cover cases and incidents occurring outside of Massachusetts. In this post, we would like to address whether or not a state can be sued for injury or death when a child placed under its supervision gets hurt.

In Maine, the mother of a missing 20-month-old daughter says she plans to sue the state of Maine for civil damages. Trista Reynolds says that the state’s Department of Health and Human Services didn’t’ do enough to protect Ayla Reynolds.

Social service workers had sent the toddler to live with Justin DiPietro, who is Ayla’s dad, when Reynolds had to go to rehab for alcohol addiction. Ayla disappeared from DiPietro’s home in December. He says she was nowhere to be found one morning.

Reynolds says that background checks were supposed to be conducted on
everyone in DiPietro’s residence. Well-child visits were also supposed to happen on a frequent basis. Yet despite expressing concerns to DHHS on several occasions about her daughter’s well-being, Reynolds says that no one looked into her concerns.

Reynolds claims that the week that Ayla was given to DiPietro, he took out a life insurance policy on their daughter. Reynolds says she also plans to sue social services. Last month, blood found in DiPietro’s home was confirmed to be Ayla’s.

When the state exercises the ability to place someone’s child-whether with a family member, a foster home, or with someone else-it can be held liable in certain instances if failure to exercise the necessary care allowed the child to get seriously hurt or die. A negligent party doesn’t need to have been the direct cause of Boston personal injury or wrongful death in order to be liable for damages. Sometimes, it is a failure to act or actions that allowed the incident to happen that can be grounds for a case.

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