New England Patriots Sued $100 Million for Allegedly Taping Rams Practice

A lawsuit has been filed against the New England Patriots and their coach Bill Belichick for $100 million. The plaintiffs, former St. Louis Rams football player Willie Gary, a Rams seat license holder, and two 2002 Super Bowl ticket holders, claim that the Patriots defrauded St. Louis players and fans when they allegedly taped the Rams practicing. The Patriots won the 2002 Super Bowl against the rams.

The lawsuit claims that the alleged taping helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl, which defrauded Rams players and fans of millions of dollars. A Patriots employee allegedly recorded a Rams walk-through practice the Saturday before the Super Bowl, which took place at the Louisiana Superdome.

The final score was 20-17, and the plaintiffs believe that the Rams might have won the Super Bowl if the alleged taping never happened. The Patriots deny that the taping ever happened.

However, Matt Walsh, an ex-Patriots employee, says that he shot the tapes and has video evidence. His attorney says he will turn in the tapes if he is given immunity from any criminal charges.

The plaintiffs are asking for $35 million in damages. They want compensation for the Super Bowl rings, the $400 for tickets paid by $72,922 fans, and endorsements and bonuses that the 45 Rams players did not receive as a result of the loss.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs are tripling the amount of damages sought, based on the Civil Rico laws, which is why the lawsuit is asking for $100 million. They want the complaint to be considered a class action lawsuit and to include three classes-the fans, the Rams football players, and the 2001-20002 Rams seat licenses owners.

This isn’t the first lawsuit blaming the Patriots for taping another team. In another lawsuit against the Patriots, Carl J. Mayer, a New York Jets fan, filed a lawsuit against the football team for all Jets season-ticket holders because the team had videotaped a 2007 New York Jets game for the signals. The Patriots were fined $250,000 and docked a first-round pick. Bill Belichick was fined $500,000.

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