NTSB Investigate Continental Airlines Jet Crash that Injured Nearly 40 Passengers

Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the cause of the Continental Airlines jet crash that occurred last Saturday as it took off from Denver International Airport. The plane accident took place a little after 6pm as the Boeing 737 was speeding down an airport runway.

Investigators say that an unusual ratting sound can be heard on the cockpit’s data recorder. They also confirm that the plane’s pilots tried to abort the takeoff to prevent it from veering off the runway.

The plane ended up skidding off the runway, shearing off its tires as it slammed into the ravine. As the jet’s fuel tanks began leaking, a fire started.

All passengers and crew members aboard the jet survived the aviation accident. Over three dozen people, however, were injured, as they scrambled out of exit doors to escape. 2 people reportedly sustained critical injuries. Fortunately, no one suffered burn injuries.

The plane’s copilot says the jet began veering away from the center of the runway as it was reaching a speed of 103mph. The plane’s captain, who sustained serious back injuries and fractures, has yet to be interviewed about what happened.

According to The Flight Safety Foundation, over 1/3rd of all plane accidents involve planes taking off from a runway. Plane accidents can often result in catastrophic injuries and serious emotional trauma for those who survive.

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