Odor at Logan Airport Sickens 15 Workers

Fifteen TSA workers complained about sickness this morning after a strange smell escaped from an open bag in the Logan Airport Terminal A baggage room. Officials declared a hazardous materials situation in the baggage room and state police, fire department, and a bomb-sniffing dog were brought to the scene. The TSA workers griped about eye and throat irritation as well as headaches. Four workers were sent to the hospital. No passengers were subjected to the odor.

….Alas, a false alarm. According to reports, the odor was identified as a rodent repellant. The owner the bag wanted to ward off mice–not bomb an airplane. Sigh of relief.

Moreover, the latest updates indicate the sick workers appear to be in good condition.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines hazardous materials as those that are flammable, react or explode when mixed with something else, corrosive, or toxic. A person can be harmed if he or she touches, breathes in, eats, drinks, or otherwise comes into contact with such substances. Both industrial and household products may contain hazardous materials such as mold, paint, adhesives, solvents, cleaning products, detergents, and pesticides. Asbestos exposure has been a particularly volatile issue in the last few decades.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a hazardous materials accident, seek an experienced attorney to represent your rights.

Noxious odor from checked bag at Logan turns out to be mice repellant, March 26, 2012, Boston.com

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