Workplace Injuries in Massachusetts: What are Your Benefits?

Work injuries can be devastating for individuals and families. Getting workers’ compensation benefits after an injury can be a difficult task too. Even with workers’ compensation benefits, some victims may not be fully compensated for their financial, personal and professional hardships. It’s especially important to get full compensation for work injuries that leave victims permanently disfigured or disabled. Workers who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries may be facing a long and uncertain road to recovery where lost wages, medical bills and physical therapy expenses put a financial strain on an individual and their family members.
All About Workers’ Compensation in Massachusetts In Massachusetts, workers’ compensation benefits typically cover medical costs, disability payments and up to 60 percent of your average income. In cases of severe work injury, it may be possible to get more than 60 percent of your average income.

Massachusetts Workers Compensation Benefits

• Partial Disability
• Total Disability • Total and Permanent Disability • Disfigurement and/or Loss of Function • Death Benefits
Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim
It’s important to file a workers’ compensation claim after any workplace injury. It’s not uncommon for employers and insurance companies to try to deny benefits to a victim, so it’s important to contact an experienced MA workers’ comp attorney swiftly. An attorney can make sure that your employer and their insurance company is treating you fairly. Sometimes, an employer will push an injured worker to get back to work against the doctor’s orders. Even with workers’ compensation benefits, victims may still be facing financial, personal and professional hardships. If at any time, your claim is being denied, delayed or disputed, contact an experienced Boston workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Listed below are just a few different ways that employees can become injured on the job.

On-The-Job Injuries
• Industrial accidents • Supervisor negligence • Construction site blasting • Falling objects • Inadequate training
• Elevator accidents • Chemical spills • Defective machinery

Fatal Work-Related Injuries
In cases where employees are killed or fatally injured on the job, it may be necessary to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the employer or negligent third party. A wrongful death attorney with workers’ comp experience can help families get compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages and funeral expenses. Worker’s compensation death benefits may not cover all of the expenses involved.

What About Third Parties?

In some cases, it may be necessary to hold a responsible third party accountable for an on-the-job injury. An experienced MA workers’ compensation attorney can help determine if a third party was partially responsible for your work injury. Even though the injury happened at work, other people or businesses may have had a hand in the negligence involved. A lawyer may be able to call attention to a defective piece of machinery. Negligent or unlicensed contractors can also be held accountable for injuries that happen on the job.

What to Do After a Work Injury
If you’ve been injured on the job, contact a skilled Boston workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can be your advocate during this difficult process. A lawyer can also coordinate with accident reconstruction professionals and medical experts to help get you the compensation you deserve. Contact the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Altman & Altman, LLP, at 617-492-3000 for a free consultation.

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