Over 30 Million Motor Vehicle Tires May Have Defective Valve Stems

A recent WCBV report discussed the possibility that there could be over 30 million defective tire valve stems on motor vehicles currently in use. A valve stem is a rubber part that is inserted into a tire so that air can be pumped into it. If there is a flaw in the rubber, however, a tire can rupture or deflate, and a flat tire or an auto crash can result.

One man, 31-year-old Robert Monk, died last November when his SUV flipped over. The cause of the rollover, according to investigators, was tire failure due to loss of air pressure. As a result, Monk lost control of the vehicle. His family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Discount Tire Co. and Dill Air Controls Products, LLC.

Following the deadly crash, Dill Air Controls Products told service centers that the cracked valve stems had come from a factory in China. Motor vehicle drivers, however, were not notified of the problem. Another company that also obtained valves from the same Chinese factory recalled six million cracked valves. Dill says there could be 30 million defective valves out on the roads.

While the initial hazard was thought to involve only replacement tires, WCBV found that the tires on some brand new cars may also come with the same defect. Several weeks ago, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration demanded that Dill turn over its list of customers.

Tire defects can result in flat tires, tread separation, tire blowouts, and vehicle rollovers that can lead to serious injuries if the vehicles becomes involved in an auto accident. Injuries can include broken bones, paralysis, anoxic brain damage, closed head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and death.

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