Pharmaceutical Fraud May Be Grounds for Filing a Massachusetts Whistleblower Lawsuit

Did you know that pharmaceutical fraud is one of the most common reasons for False Claims Act recoveries? Not only that, but this type of fraud is costing taxpayers millions annually. If you are an employee working in the pharmaceutical industry and you have information about fraud being committed by your employer, you may want to consider filing a Massachusetts pharmaceutical fraud whistleblower lawsuit and file a case on behalf of the federal government.

Some examples of Pharmaceutical Fraud that may be reason for filing a Massachusetts whistleblower lawsuit:

*Pharmaceutical kickbacks – To get doctors to prescribe/push their products, kickbacks may take the form of:

• Financial compensation for clinical studies, speaker fees, “grants,” or “teaching sessions”
• Free drug samples • Lavish accommodations, meals, and entertainment during advisory board meetings and “investigator meetings”
• Data fees to insurance companies for information about their members, discounts, joint business ventures, and rebates • Financial incentives to Group Purchasing Organizations and insurers in exchange for designating a medication as their preferred drug formulary.

*Clinical Trial Fraud – Involves a pharmaceutical company fraudulently manipulating clinical trial data so that a drug is approved by the FDA

*Off-label marketing of drugs for purposes not approved by the Food and Drug Administration
*GMP Fraud– Violations of the Good Manufacturing Practices
*Best Price Fraud
Pharmaceutical companies have had to pay over $4 billion for pharmaceutical fraud cases. As a whistleblower, your qui-tam actions may entitle you to part of the compensation. Contact our Boston Whistleblower Attorneys today.

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