Preventing Boston Truck Accidents: City Gets 45-Day Extension Before Ban Barring Commercial Trucks from Transporting Hazardous Materials in the Daytime is Lifted

One day after federal officials lifted the city of Boston’s ban on trucks transporting hazardous materials, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admission has given the city a 45-day extension on the ban. However, city officials don’t believe this is enough time to finish a safety analysis to justify the need for why the ban should stay in effect.

For the first time 2006, trucks transporting hazardous substances, including gasoline, propane, and oxygen, were allowed for one day to travel between 7am and 6pm through Boston’s streets. Also, whereas before trucks could only travel at night and on a route (Cross Street by the Greenway) that is considered safer because there are more traffic lights, commercial trucks were allowed through Commercial Street in the North End. However, for the next 45 days, the extension puts the old restrictions back in place.

Our Boston truck accident lawyers believe that it is important that trucking companies, truck industry officials, the state, and the federal government continue to do what is necessary to prevent Massachusetts truck crashes and the resulting injuries, exposure to hazardous substances, and deaths that can result. We are here to help Massachusetts truck crash victims obtain compensation from all liable parties.

In other truck safety news, the FMCSA is launching its Pre-Employment Screening Program. Commercial motor carrier companies will now be able to look at driver inspection and crash records when determining whether to hire a prospective candidate. PSP reflects the US Department of Transportation’s commitment to making sure that the safest drivers are the ones driving large trucks and buses.

Boston gets 45-day extension of truck ban,, May 18, 2010
FMCSA Launches Pre-Employment Screening Program, US Department of Transportation, May 11, 2010

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