Residents Assess Damage from Readville Gas Explosion

The Readville neighborhood residents whose homes were damaged from Wednesday’s explosion on Danny Road are now assessing damage, according to the Boston Globe. Dozens of windows were shattered and one homeowner believes that her house was moved from its foundation.

After the explosion, 40 homes had to be evacuated. According to residents interviewed by the Globe, windows were broken, pink insulation and smoke went through the air, and it felt like an earthquake.

The explosion occurred when a Defelice Corp. contractor accidentally cut into a gas line causing gas to seep into a nearby home. The general manager of Defelice claims that all proper safeguards were taken and all notifications were made prior to digging. Defelice had been subcontracted by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission to work in the neighborhood.

An NSTAR spokesperson told the Globe that Defelice did not contact Digsafe about their plans for Danny Road.

On-site explosions are a common cause of devastating personal injuries and damage to property. When explosions are caused by negligence, a person involved may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, property damages, lost wages, pain and suffering and possible punitive damages.

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The Boston Globe: Company involved in Readville house explosion defends workers

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