Salem, Massachusetts Sex Abuse Lawsuit Seeks Damages from Revere Van Company for Four Children

In Salem Superior Court, a Massachusetts injuries to minors lawsuit has been filed against Ameriken Caring Services on behalf of one girl and three boys. The children are ages 9 and 10. According to the complaint, the Revere van company did not protect the kids from being physically assaulted and sexually molested by a van monitor.

The Peabody School Department had hired the van company to transport the kids to a summer program. The kids were allegedly molested on several occasions in July. Incidents involved inappropriate and painful touching and physical abuse.

According to the victims’ Marblehead personal injury lawyer, the children were scared to tell their parents about the abuse because they knew they would see the bus monitor the next day. The Salem, Massachusetts sex abuse complaint is alleging negligent supervision, hiring, and retention.

Massachusetts Sex Abuse
Unfortunately, sex abuse can happen to a child while under the supervision of another party. Even if that party didn’t actually molest your son/daughter, if he/she/the entity allowed your child to suffer any kind of harm, you may be have grounds for a Salem injuries to a minor lawsuit.

Child sex abuse can cause serious trauma to a child. Many of the injuries are invisible but can wreak havoc on the victim’s life.

In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations for filing a Boston child sex abuse action is within three years of the alleged acts or within three years of the victim discovering or reasonably discovering there was psychological or emotional trauma caused by the alleged abuse. However, the time limit for this action has to be told for a child until he/she turns 18.

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