Sex Abuse Can Be A Problem in Boston Nursing Homes

Our Boston nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers represent clients that have been sexually abused. Unfortunately, because of their poor health, diminished capacities, and/or advanced age, nursing home patients can make easy targets for abusers.

Elderly persons that live in assisted living facilities generally need help taking care of themselves. They also may be physically and/or mentally incapacitated, which means they are even less able to defend themselves against abusers than members of the general public. One reason for this is that many of them lack to not just comprehend what happened-especially if a patient is suffering from dementia or some other form of mental illness-but also, he/she may not be able (or be too frightened) to report what has happened.

It is the responsibility of Massachusetts assisted living facilities to make sure that patients are kept physically and emotionally safe while under their supervision. In addition to providing adequate security and qualified, well-trained staff, nursing homes must make sure that they do a thorough background check to weed out any sexual predators from the employee roster. Proper supervision, security cameras, and secured entrances and exits can also prevent uninvited guests from entering and exiting the premises. Hopefully, such measures can hopefully discourage unwanted advances made toward a patient by a member of the nursing team, visitors, another patient, or anyone else.

Types of Boston Nursing Home Sex Abuse:

• Sexual assault • Rape • Forcing a patient to engage in or watch unwelcome sexual acts • Forcing a patient to watch pornography • Inappropriate or unwelcome touching • Making a patient look at/take photos that are sexual in nature

Signs that a patient may have been sexually abused:
• Sexually transmitted diseases • Problems standing or walking • Bruises around the breasts or inner thigh area • Infections • Changes in behavior • Sudden depression or mood swings • Sudden fearfulness-especially of someone in particular
You may be able to hold a Massachusetts nursing home liable for Boston sex abuse.

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