Stay Safe in Boston this Spring Break

New England in March can be warm, sunny, and framed by blooming flowers and emerald green grass. It can just as easily be dark and gloomy with grey skies, snow and ice, and slushy, muddy roads. Thankfully, this March is shaping up to be quite beautiful. Now that the days are longer, and the winter doldrums are beginning to fade away until next year, everyone’s mind is on spring. And for many people that means spring break. This term may conjure images of bathing suit-clad college students doing keg stands in Miami, but spring break is much less wild for many of us. That being said, during the upcoming spring break weeks, accidents and injuries do spike.

A significant increase in traffic as people head to various vacation destinations, results in a substantial uptick in motor vehicle accidents. By following the tips below, you can help dramatically reduce your risk of serious injuries or death in an accident. Contact a Boston Personal Injury Lawyer Today.

Spring Break Safety Tips

  • Limit the amount of alcohol you consume, especially if you’re driving. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person is killed in an alcohol-related crash every 31 seconds. With more people on the road during spring break, including more drunk drivers, avoid drinking and getting behind the wheel. But use caution, even if you’re not driving. Excessive drinking (binge drinking) can cause a litany of other health problems, and can place you in dangerous situations.
  • Protect your eyes and skin from the sun. Many people incorrectly assume that because it’s March and the temperatures are still relatively cool, they can’t get sunburned. This is a big mistake. Being outside all day, without sunglasses, protective clothing or sunblock, can result in serious burns, blistering, and long-term skin damage which can become cancerous. Use brimmed hats and protective sun gear to protect your skin from direct rays, and use sunblock on areas of unprotected skin if you’ll be outside for an extended period of time. For eyes, wear sunglasses with 100% UV ray protection.
  • Be safe on the open water. If your spring break plans include cruising around Boston Harbor in a boat, or swimming in the ocean in Florida or another warm-weather locale, use your head. Avoid alcohol when swimming or boating. Regularly apply sunblock. Drink plenty of water. And never swim alone. If you’re boating, wear a life jacket and consider taking a boating safety course before you head out.
  • Stay safe on the road. If your spring break plans involve a road trip, be prepared. Alternate drivers to make sure that nobody is feeling sleepy behind the wheel. Take a map in case you get lost in an area without cell service. Avoid drinking and driving, speeding, and reckless driving. Do not use your cell phone or any other hand-held device while driving. If you must make a call, send a text, or navigate with your GPS, have a passenger do it for you or pull over in a safe area until you are done.

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