Stoneham Man Injured on I-93, One of Multiple MA Winter Storm Accidents

News reports indicate that a Stoneham, Massachusetts man was hit by a sports utility vehicle when running across Interstate 93 in Somerville this week. The man’s car was apparently damaged, due to the overnight winter weather and icy roads, and he stopped his car in the left hand lane. He apparently then ran across four lanes of I-93 and was hit by a 2010 Ford Explorer registered to WHDH-TV. The man was taken to the hospital and is suffering from life-threatening injuries. This incident is among multiple recent crashes that have been caused by the icy road conditions and snowfall.

Car spinouts and crashes are a too-frequent occurrence during cold, snowy, and icy Boston winter weather. For the safety of other drivers and pedestrians, and for your own personal safety, please drive with particular caution this weekend and over the next few months of winter weather. If you have been injured in a car accident in Massachusetts, an experienced Boston and Cambridge car and truck accident attorney can help you seek financial recovery.

Stoneham man seriously injured running on I-93; may be one of several crashed caused by winter storm,, January 17, 2012.

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