Teen on Trial Over Deadly 2011 Haverhill Car Crash Claims He Wasn’t Texting While Driving

18-year-old Aaron Deveau claims that he wasn’t texting while driving when his vehicle swerved over the center line to collide head-on with the auto driven by Donald Bowley in February 2011. The 55-year-old man sustained severe traumatic brain injuries and died more than two weeks after the crash. Bowley’s 58-year-old girlfriend also suffered serious injures.

Deveau has pleaded not guilty to causing injury in a crash (while texting and driving) and negligent motor vehicle homicide. During a video- and audio- recorded statement between the then-17-year-old and police, Deveau said he hadn’t been texting when the Massachusetts collision happened. (A check of his phone records indicate he received two texts in the two minutes leading up to the collision and he reportedly received and sent nearly 200 text messages that day. However, it is possible that he didn’t check the messages right before the accident.)

According to the Boston Globe, Haverhill Police Officer Wayne Tracey said the head-on crash was one of the “worst” he’d ever seen.

Texting While Driving
It is illegal in Massachusetts for a driver to text while driving. It is also incredibly dangerous and can be grounds for a Haverhill personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

While teen drivers are more likely to text while driving that adult motorists, there are many from both groups that are finding this habit hard to break even though there continue to be injuries and deaths that result. There may be even be more motorists who text while driving than drivers that drink and then drive.

If you or someone you love was injured in a Massachusetts car accident that you believe was caused by a texting driver, you should contact an experienced Boston injury lawyer to explore your legal options. Granted, the driver likely never intended to cause any harm but that doesn’t mean he/she shouldn’t be held liable for what happened and help cover your medical expenses, lost wages, physical therapy, funeral/cremation expenses, and others costs.

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