To Prevent Personal Injuries and Motor Vehicle Accidents in Massachusetts, Junior Operator License Law Calls For Teen Drivers to Spend More Time Driving With Adults

The new changes to the Junior Operator License Law takes effect today. The revised law mandates that driving students must log in more driving time with driving teachers and parents.

Parents of teen drivers will also spend two hours in class learning about the driver’s education program. The changes will hopefully help teen drivers become safer drivers on Massachusetts’s roads so that less car accidents and personal injuries will occur.

Under the revised law, teen drivers will still have to spend 30 hours in a classroom studying driving. They will now also have to take 12 hours of driving lessons in a car. An additional 40 hours will have to be spent driving with a parent or another adult.

Not only are teenage drivers at higher risk for getting injured or killed in a car crash, but their experience on the roads increases the chances of other drivers and pedestrians also sustaining injuries in a motor vehicle crash.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles says that in 2005:

• 33% of all 16-year-old drivers were involved in a motor vehicle collision.
• 19% of all 17-year-old drivers were in involved in a traffic crash.
• 14% of all 18-year-old drivers were involved in accidents.

According to

• Annually, 7,887 (14% of all drivers) 15-20 year-old drivers are involved in fatal traffic crashes.
• Each year 2,008 16 to 17-year-olds die in automobile crashes.
• Crash rates are the highest for teens during the 1st six months & 1,000 miles after licensure.

Injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident can be very serious and costly, which is why you should speak to a personal injury attorney if you have been injured in a traffic collision because another driver behaved recklessly or negligently.

Junior driver license law mandates parental role,, August 30, 2007
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