Traumatic Brain Injuries, Broken Bones Can Happen During Boston Slip and Fall Accidents on Ice or Snow

Our Boston slip and fall accidents represent clients that have been injured in premises liability cases on other people’s property. While slip accidents can happen year round, winter weather conditions can increase the likelihood of such an incident happening, especially when there is snow or ice on the pavement or ground.

While some Massachusetts slip and fall injuries tend to be mild in nature-bumps, sprains, and bruises, depending on the severity of fall and/or where/how a person lands, TBIs, back injuries, ACL/MCL tears, hip fractures, broken bones, and even death can happen. Such injuries are be costly, requiring surgeries, other medical expenses, rehabilitation, and time off from work to recover.

Fortunately, you may be able to seek legal remedies for the harm that you have suffered. Property owners can be held liable for Boston slip and fall injuries that occur on their property if the could/should have done something to remedy the slip hazard before the accident but did not. Also thanks to the ruling in Papadopoulos v. Target Corp. a few years back by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, property owners now can be held liable for a slip and fall accident on ice and snow regardless of whether or not the accumulation of either element was natural or unnatural (for example, slip hazards caused by snow that had been shoveled or trampled on or an icy patch created by water coming from a gutter). This means that even if the ice or snow accumulated due to the forces of nature, premise owners must still clear up such hazards. Now, with this established reasonable standard of care, whether or not a property owner is liable will depend on whether or not he/she exercised the necessary ice/snow removal efforts in light of how dangerous a hazard these elements on the ground might prove to others.

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