Two More Massachusetts Car Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers Adds Fuel to Issue of Whether the State Needs Tougher Driving Rules for Older Seniors

In Boston, lawmakers are considering whether to impose stricter driving regulations on elderly senior drivers. The debate comes in the wake of several high profile Massachusetts car accidents this month involving senior motorists.

Just today, an 83-year-old Malden driver faces negligent operation charges following an accident that left a 78-year-old woman with life-threatening injuries. Police want the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to evaluate whether the man’s license needs to be revoked.

Already this week the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles took away the driver’s license of Virginia Nelson, an 86-year-old Malden motorist. She is accused of hitting and seriously hurting an 84-year-old Medford pedestrian in Melrose over the weekend.

The pedestrian, Francis Blomerth, is in critical condition at Massachusetts General Hospital. Melrose officials believe that Blomerth was in the crosswalk when Nelson’s vehicle struck him.

Massachusetts and local police are investigating the Melrose pedestrian accident. At this time, Nelson has not been cited for any crime.

On June 15, elderly motorists were involved in separate Massachusetts auto crashes in Lawrence and Andover. The drivers lost control of their vehicles, striking a lamp post, trees, and cars.

On June 3, a 73-year-old Middleboro driver accidentally drove her minivan into a crowd of people attending a Vietnam War Memorial in Plymouth. Eight people went to the hospital.

On June 2, a 93-year-old driver hurt a mother and toddler in a stroller when he drove his car into a Danvers Wal-Mart. He stepped on the gas pedal because he thought he was stepping on the brake.

Representative Chairman Joseph Wagner says lawmakers are going to put together a comprehensive bill and place it on the “fast track” so that it is ready for a floor vote by September.

The bill calls for elderly drivers to pass a road and vision test every five years after they turn 85 if they want to renew their Massachusett’s driver’s license. Under current state law, individuals must only pass a vision test every 10 years.

There are many reasons why a Massachusetts jury might find a motorist liable for causing your Boston car accident.

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