Massachusetts Traffic Deaths Drop 16% to 363 Fatalities in 2008

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reporting a 16% drop in the number of Massachusetts traffic deaths between 2007 and 2008. 363 people died in traffic accidents throughout the state last year. 434 people died in 2007.

Worcester County and Middlesex County tied for first place as the counties with the most traffic fatalities-56 deaths each. The state of Massachusetts also saw a decline in the number of drunk driving-related deaths by 20% from 155 fatalities in 2007 to 124 deaths in 2008.

More 2008 Massachusetts Traffic Facts:
227 vehicle occupant deaths 422 drivers that died At least 61 of the drivers were younger than 21 At least 120 of these victims were not properly restrained at the time of their deaths 42 motorcycle deaths-a drop from the 62 Massachusetts motorcycle rider fatalities in 2007 75 pedestrian deaths

Nationally, the US Department of Transportation reported a 9.7% decline in traffic deaths between 2007 and 2008. 37,261 people died in US traffic accidents last year, with substantial drops in nearly every major category, including light truck occupant fatalities and passenger car occupant deaths.

US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood also noted that the country had implemented major steps to improve road and vehicle safety, increase seat belt use, and decrease the number of drunk driving accidents.

More 2008 US Traffic Statistics:
2,346,000 injuries 11,773 alcohol impaired-related fatalities 5,811,000 traffic accidents 677 large truck deaths
5,290 motorcycle fatalities 4.378 pedestrian deaths 716 pedalcyclist fatalities 23,000 large truck injuries 96,000 motorcycle injuries 69,000 pedestrian injuries 52,000 pedalcyclist injuries
While the overall decline in traffic deaths is of positive note, there are still too many people getting hurt or dying in Massachusetts traffic crashes. In many instances, an injured person’s own motor vehicle or medical insurance is not enough to cover all recovery costs, medical expenses, and lost wages.

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