UMASS Memorial Medical Center Under Investigation After Patient Contracts Hepatitis C

A Worcester, MA hospital is being investigated after a dialysis patient contracted hepatitis C while undergoing treatment last year.

The hospital has issued a warning to other dialysis patients, urging them to be tested for the deadly virus.

The incident was confirmed late last year, and the majority of potentially-affected patients have already undergone testing.

“One incident like this is one too many. This situation was extremely unfortunate, and does not represent the high standards to which we hold our facilities and our staff. We took immediate extensive steps to ensure that our hemodialysis patients receive safe, high-quality care at all times,” the hospital said in a statement.

Hepatitis C causes inflammation of the liver and is spread most commonly through exposure to infected blood.

This is an extremely unfortunate and scary instance of medical malpractice on behalf of the hospital. Hospitals are supposed to ensure that ALL of its patients are safe and that incidences of preventable infection do not occur.

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