VA Hospital Surgeon Linked to Medical Malpractice Deaths Also Lost Medical License in Massachusetts

Dr. Jose Veizaga-Mendez, a doctor under investigation for his possible role in 10 fatalities at the VA hospital in Illinois was also accused of medical malpractice when he practice medicine in Massachusetts. His license was revoked in this state following the death of two of his patients. His medical license has now been indefinitely been suspended in Illinois.

In Massachusetts, one patient, Jeronimo Coronado, 58, died of complications from a surgery that Dr. Veizaga-Mendez had performed on him in 2000. The operation was to treat the patient’s heartburn. He died from respiratory failure, infection, and sepsis after the surgery. Massachusetts’ medical board cited surgical error by Veizaga-Mendez. Coronado’s family filed a lawsuit against Veizaga Mendez and settled out of court.

The other patient in Massachusetts was 74-year-old male, who died after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in his lung in 2002. Dr. Veizaga-Mendez was accused of failing to diagnose that the man was experiencing postoperative bleeding. The patient was not taken to the operating room until the next day. He passed away two days later.

Surgeons, like all other medical providers, are required to provide patients with a certain standard of care. When a surgeon makes a mistake on the job and causes a patient to become more ill or die, the patient or the loved ones of the deceased can sue the surgeon for surgical malpractice or wrongful death.

Examples of Surgical Malpractice:

• Performing the wrong surgery • Performing the right surgery on the wrong body part • Delay in performing a necessary surgery • Failure to properly monitor patient after surgery • Accidentally leaving forceps, a scissor, a towel, or another surgical tool or item in the surgical patient’s body • Birthing errors • Anesthesia errors
Common reasons for surgical mistakes include exhaustion, inexperience, negligence, and operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Surgical errors are serious mistakes that can cause a patient great pain and suffering. Infections, brain injuries, organ damage, and death are some of the catastrophic consequences that can occur. A person may have to undergo more surgeries and take longer to recover because of a surgeon’s mistake.

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