Where Do Most Boston Bicycle Accidents Occur?

Which U.S. state ranks as the best for cyclists? According to the League of American Bicyclists, that honor goes to Massachusetts. In 2022, the Commonwealth topped the list of Bicycle Friendly States, scoring “A” grades for “infrastructure and funding,” “education and encouragement,” and “policies and programs.” One area where Massachusetts didn’t excel: “Traffic laws and practices,” a category in which the state received a disappointing “D” grad

So while Massachusetts is generally considered a good place for cyclists, work remains to be done in terms of safety. In the past five years, the state averaged around seven fatal bicyclist accidents and over 900 non-fatal injury crashes per year (MassDOT crash portal data).

Where Do Most Boston Bicycle Accidents Occur?

Although cycling accidents can and do happen anywhere, some areas pose more dangers than others. In an article titled, “The Most Dangerous Things You Can Do While Cycling in Boston, MA,” People Powered Movement lists the following locations as generally unsafe for cyclists:

  • Shopping center parking lots and garages
  • Areas near public transportation, including railways and buses
  • Highways and interstates
  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Any location where you are unfamiliar with the area

The number of biking accidents also varies by neighborhood, depending on traffic levels, local infrastructure, number of cyclists, and more. According to the Boston EMS 2020 Cyclist & Pedestrian Report, the following communities had the highest number of bicyclist incidents:

  • Boston: 84
  • Dorchester: 57
  • Roxbury: 45
  • Brighton: 32
  • Jamaica Plain: 29

Around 55% of these incidents involved a motor vehicle, 18% involved a road surface, and 9% involved a pedestrian. Over 200 bicycle accidents resulted in transport to an area hospital.

When Do Most Boston Bicycle Accidents Occur?

August saw the highest number of bicyclist incidents in the Boston EMS report, but June-July and September-November also recorded more accidents than the monthly average in 2020. In terms of the time of day, biking accidents started to spike around 10 am, peaked at around 3 pm, and remained high until around 7 pm. Data from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts indicate that cyclist fatalities follow a similar pattern, with half of bicyclist deaths occurring between 12 pm and 6 pm.

Can a Boston Bike Accident Lawyer Help Me?

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