Winter Weather Combined with Boston Nursing Home Neglect Can Cause Some Patients to Get Very Sick

Massachusetts assisted living facilities are supposed to make sure that their residents are given the best and proper care possible all year round. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and as our Boston nursing home neglect lawyers have reported in the past, it is the patients who end up suffering.

The sick and the elderly are especially susceptible to illness and infection during the winter months when cold weather can make it easier for them to catch a cold or cough that can turn serious, lowering the immune system and placing them at risk of serious health complications. Patients must be properly bundled so that they stay warm and it is important that they keep their strength up with enough rest, food, fluids, and vitamins. A nursing home should be properly heated and doors must be secured so that residents at risk of wandering don’t end up lost out in the cold where they can freeze to death. Patients who are already sick should be closely monitored, immediately treated, and kept away from other residents.

Not only is Massachusetts nursing home neglect and abuse against the law-violators can be sent to jail-but patients who are victims of such mistreatment and the recipients of poor nursing care can seek damages for Boston personal injury or wrongful death. It is a good idea to report the suspected abuse to the authorities immediately and retain the services of an experienced Boston nursing home abuse law firm that can immediately begin gathering evidence and building your case.

While some Massachusetts nursing home negligence cases can be resolved out of court, many cases are decided by a jury. There are important legal arguments that can be made to prove why your loved one and your family are entitled to damages.

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