Qui Tam Cases Result in $2.B Recovered in 2011

The US Justice Department says that 636 qui tam complaints were filed for fiscal year 2011, resulting in $2.8B recovered. Of the more than $3B involving the False Claims Act that resulted in settlements and judgments from fraud cases, $2.4 billion was related to fraud committed against a number of federal programs, including Medicare, TRICARE, and Medicaid. Usually, no more than 400 whistleblower cases are filed annually.

$2.2B was recovered from civil claims made against pharmaceutical companies alone. GlaxoSmithKline PLC agreed to pay $750 million to settle allegations involving false claims related to medications and adulterate drugs that didn’t satisfy FDA specification. $900 million came from drug companies accused of engaging in unlawful pricing to up their profits.

The False Claim Act
Federal and state False Claims Acts cover fraud committed against any state or federal funded program or contract. Since amendments were made to the federal False Claims Act in 1986, the US Justice Department has gotten back more than $30 billion. The amendments provided stronger incentives for whistleblowers to come forward and file lawsuits on behalf of the government. A whistleblower could end up entitled to up to 30% of what the government recovers.

Kinds of fraud that fall under the False Claims Act include those involving:

• Billing for goods the buyer never received • Billing for services that were never rendered Falsifying testing data or results • Falsifying employee records • Performing unnecessary medical treatments on Medicaid/Medicare patients

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