58 Massachusetts Pedestrian Accident Deaths Reported in 2010

Of the 314 Massachusetts traffic fatalities that took place in 2010, 58 of them involved pedestrians. These figures were recently reported in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s 2010 Traffic Safety Report.

The NHTSA also reported that in this country, on average, there was one pedestrian death that occurred every two hours and one pedestrian injury every eight minutes that year. Nationally, there were 4,280 pedestrian fatalities and 70,000 pedestrian injuries that year-a 4% increase from 2009, but a 13% decrease from 2001.

Other NHTSA 2010 Traffic Safety Facts:
• 73% of the pedestrian fatalities that occurred in this country took place in rural environments.

• 79% of these deaths happened at non-intersections.

• 88% of the pedestrian fatalities happened in normal weather.

• 68% of pedestrian deaths happened at night.

• There were 826 senior pedestrian deaths (the 65 and over age group) and 8,000 injuries.

• 19% of all child traffic fatalities occurred in pedestrian accidents.

• 7% of pedestrian deaths were kids (ages 15 and under).

Alcohol was a factor in 47% of traffic crashes leading to a pedestrian death. In some instances, the driver was drunk. In other cases it was the pedestrian.

At Altman & Altman, LLP, our Boston pedestrian accident lawyers represent children in adults injured because of negligent motorists, entities, automakers, and other parties. Common causes of such incidents:

• Distracted driving • Drunken driving • Speeding • Failure to stop at a traffic light/stop sign • Auto defects • Inattentive driving • Driver inexperience
Sometimes, a Massachusetts pedestrian accident happens because the pedestrian was at fault. However, in many instances it is because another party failed to exercise the appropriate safety measures.

Pedestrian injuries can be life-altering, even fatal. You want to work with a Boston injury law firm that knows how to recover everything that you are owed for pain and suffering, medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, lost benefits, other losses, and/or a loved one’s Massachusetts wrongful death.

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