$7M Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Settlement Awarded to Parents Whose Child Was Born with a Genetic Defect

A judge has approved a $7M Worcester, Massachusetts medical malpractice settlement for Ran Zhuang and Ziru Guo. The couple had sued two doctors, a genetic counselor, and a nurse practitioner after their daughter was born with cri-du-chat on November 11, 2007 at UMass Memorial Medical Center – Memorial Campus.

Annie, now 3, has severe mental and physical disabilities. Their parents contend that if her chromosomal abnormality had been detected through an amniocentesis early enough, they would have been able to decide whether to terminate pregnancy. Guo and Zuang claim that that they were not provided with proper prenatal genetic counseling.

Named as defendants in the Massachusetts obstetrician malpractice lawsuit are Dr. Mary M. Herlihy, geneticist Dr. Beverly Hay, nurse practitioner Patricia Yranski, and genetic counselor Lisa Blazejewski. They are denying any negligence. They claim that Zhuang was offered an amniocentesis but that she declined to undergo the procedure. Zhuang and Guo, however, say that no one told her the diagnostic procedure was available.

Also known as cat’s cry syndrome and 5p- syndrome, cri-du-chat is a condition where chromosome 5 is missing. Baby’s who have cri-du-chat often have a cry that sounds like a cat’s. Characteristics of the disorder include microcephaly (small head size), weak muscle tone, intellectual disability, delayed development, widely set eyes, low-set ears, a rounded face, and a small jaw. Some children suffering from cri-du-chat may also have a heart defect.

It is important that you receive the proper medical care during pregnancy, delivery, and after your baby’s birth. Unfortunately, obstetrical malpractice can cause serious injuries to you or your child.

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