Boston Hospital Gives Full Face Transplant to Man Burned in Construction Accident

Two-and-a-half years after suffering severe electrical burns during a construction accident, Dallas Wiens has received a complete face transplant. Over 30 doctors, anesthesiologists, and nurses at Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in Boston conducted the procedure to give the 25-year-old construction worker a new face.

After the boom lift he was working struck a power line, Wiens fell into a coma for nearly three months Doctors thought he would never talk or walk again and that he would be paralyzed from the neck down. They also didn’t think he would be able to eat regular food. Wiens, who underwent 22 surgeries, lost all of his facial features, except for a lipless mouth. He is now blind.

Wiens’s transplant included the donor’s entire face and is the most complete facial transplant conducted in this country to date. He also can now smell, feel, and breathe on his own.

His injuries are a clear example of how seriously someone can get hurt during an electrical accident. If you were injured in a Massachusetts construction accident and you suffered severe electrical burns you should speak with a Boston injury lawyer right away.

About 1000 people die every year from electrical burns. Serious injuries can include muscle spasm, cardiac arrest, oral burns, suffocation, organ damage, skin burns, permanent bran damage, and death.

Even if you are injured on the job and you are entitled to Massachusetts workers’ compensation, you still may be able to receive Boston injury compensation from liable third parties.

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