Andover Truck Accident at MBTA Construction Site Crush’s Worker’s Legs

A Framingham construction worker was seriously injured when a truck weighing close to 140,000 pounds slid backwards, rolling over and crushing the legs of a worker with its tires. The Andover, MA construction accident took place in the Shawsheen River area off Lupine Road.

At the time of the Massachusetts tractor-trailer accident, the worker was attempting to attach an equipment trailer to the large vehicle. He was pinned between two of the back tires on the left side of the truck. The worker sustained serious crushing injuries to his lower extremities.

Rescuers that arrived at the Andover construction accident scene needed approximately 25 minutes to get him out from under the large truck. OSHA, Massachusetts State Police, and Andover police are all investigating the incident.

Massachusetts Construction Accidents
Construction workers place them selves at risk of serious injury daily because of what they do.

Examples of some construction accidents:
• Crane collapses • Machinery defects • Motor vehicle defects • Electrocution accidents • Scaffolding falls • Building collapses • Nail gun accidents • Gas blast accidents • Elevator accidents • Building falls • Slip and falls • Chemical blasts • Exposure to toxic substances • Explosions • Transportation accidents • Welding accidents • Poor supervision • Failure to implement or follow safety protocols and procedures • Lack of protective gear • OSHA safety violations

While generally an injured construction worker cannot sue his/her employer for personal injury, he/she can pursue a Boston construction accident case against other parties involved with the project or others that may have been responsible. Injured workers are also usually entitled to Massachusetts workers’ compensation for their work-related injuries.

Even with work injury compensation it is still a good idea to be represented by an experienced Boston workers’ compensation lawyer who can ensure that you get all your benefits and in a timely manner. Unfortunately, some employers and their insurers will try to find reasons for why you aren’t eligible for these benefits.

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