Boston Food Poisoning Lawsuit Filed Over Sushi Linked to Salmonella

A Malden, Massachusetts resident has filed a Boston injury lawsuit over the Salmonella Bareilly infection she says was caused by eating raw tuna. The woman is one of over 300 people whose food poisoning has been linked to the “Nakaochi Scrape” tuna. More than two dozen of the incidents are said to have occurred in this state. People in at least 26 states have been affected.

In her Boston food poisoning complaint, the plaintiff says that she fell ill two days after eating a spicy tuna role at Thelonious Monkfish, a Cambridge restaurant. The sushi contained the raw fish product that was made and sold by Moon Marine, who is the Massachusetts products liability lawsuit’s defendant. Her symptoms, including gastroenteritis, cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea, became so severe that she eventually sought medical care at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Since developing Salmonella Bareilly last month the plaintiff has had several stool samples, which continue to show her testing positive for the bacteria taken. As a result, she is still unable to legally go back to work.

Symptoms of Salmonella (these signs usually show up 12 to 72 hours after infection):
• Fever • Diarrhea • Abdominal cramps

Should serious complications arise, the infection may spread to the blood stream and other parts of the body and this can fatal. Pregnant women, elderly seniors, babies, and others with impaired immune systems are at higher risk of suffering serious health complications from Salmonella.

Food Poisoning
According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, one out of six persons will become afflicted with food poisoning each year. Spoiled food items or the contamination of the food during preparation and/or packaging can cause food poisoning.

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There are steps that manufacturers, sellers, and food preparers can take to decrease the chance of consumers developing food poisoning. You want to speak with a Boston injury lawyer that is experienced in Massachusetts food borne illness claims and lawsuits.

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