Products Liability: Massachusetts Manufacturer is One of Several Companies to Issue May Recalls to Prevent Child Injuries

Aqua-Leisure Industries Inc., a manufacturer based in Avon Massachusetts, is recalling about 40,000 First Fitness® Trampolines with Handlebars over concerns that they pose a fall hazard to kids. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Web site, metal fatigue can lead to the handlebar coming off the trampoline, potentially posing a laceration hazard due to any exposed metal surfaces, as well as a fall risk to children. The child-size trampolines are sold only at Toys “R” Us stores. So far, there are no reports of child injuries related to these safety issues.

Our Boston injury lawyers represent children and their families over serious injuries sustained from a defective product. Our Massachusetts products liability law firm understands how upsetting it can be to find out that a product made for kids is actually a danger to them. Altman & Altman LLP is not afraid to go after a large manufacturer for our clients’ financial recovery.

May has been a busy month for the recalls of kids’ products. Five major retailers agreed to stop selling Tots in Mind Crib Tents and Play Yard Tents because they can pose a strangulation and entrapment hazard to babies and toddlers. They child products are linked to one brain injury, one death, and other injuries.

Spurring another recall are about 46,000 Kolcraft Tender Vibes & Light Vibes bassinets, which may pose a potential fall hazards to infants. The safety risk can arise if the bassinet base were to come off its metal frame. This may happen if the latches that secure both pieces together aren’t locked in place (apparently, they can appear locked when they aren’t.) The bassinets’ manufacturer is Kolcraft Enterprises Inc.

Also, numerous clothing brands for girls and boys have recalled over concerns that the drawstrings that come with them may pose a strangulation hazard to kids.

Massachusetts products liability law covers three types of product defects:
• Manufacturing errors • Defective product designs • Marketing flaws
When a dangerous product causes serious Massachusetts personal injury or wrongful death, the manufacturer, seller, and or distributor can be held liable even without doing anything to contribute to the defect.

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